• Introduction
  • Customer’s Problem
  • Customer Interaction
  • Solution Offered
  • Technology
  • Final Benefit


Memory Chests

Wood Creations Inc. is a USA based producer and retailer of handcrafted wooden chests like toy boxes, cedar chests, blanket chests, and memory chests. Their target customers are spread globally. They sell a variety of memory chests with engraving options, directly to the public and also are a wholesaler to retail stores. Their special wooden boxes are created for beautiful storage solutions for heirloom items, special keepsakes, and other special things of sentimental value.

Customer’s Problem

Customer’s Problem:

  • The client website was struggling to gain website traffic because of poor ranking position on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for keywords related to their products
  • Website was not fully structured for Search Engine and visitors
  • Poor design, high bounce rate, slow website speed, unresponsive website were the main reasons for poor search engine visibility and less sales
  • Faced tough competition from e-commerce giants like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy which ranked on the first search results page

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction:

We had a thorough discussion with the client regarding his business challenges and the obstacles he was facing due to them.

Unfortunately, improving their rankings wasn’t an easy task due to the the highly competitive market. Category and product pages were not optimized for targeted keywords.

Initially, we reviewed the competitors' websites to understand their strategic approach along with their targeted keywords.

Website had an immediate need of right keyword targets, optimization, quality content, conversion-friendly landing pages and a planned marketing strategy.

After discussion with the client, we choose 25 top keywords to optimize the website for the same.

Solution Offered

Solution Offered to Client:

  • Selected productive keywords for the site and optimized it for users considering the latest search engine algorithms
  • Restructured the site to improve the user experience, optimized the content, added more information, and published user-centric interesting content to bring new visitors and engage them to convert
  • Implemented our strategy to compete with them in search engines
  • Searched keywords for each main category and subcategory and optimized them one after the other
  • Optimized the website with detailed research and analysis to make it more search engine friendly and generate higher sales


Technology and Tools We Used:

  • Google Keywords Planner
  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Ahref
  • Semrush
  • Spyfu
  • SEO Spy Glass
  • Screaming Frog
  • Similar Web

Final Benefit

Final Benefit:

  • Website traffic improved by 50%
  • With continuous analysis, integrated marketing efforts, & smart budget allocation among them, the ROI increased remarkably
  • Website started ranking on top search results on Google & Yahoo, and organic traffic started pouring in
  • With our strategic SEO and Marketing Approach, client achieved a breakthrough in sales
  • Products in the website were allotted new and appropriate keywords resulting in improved ranking in search engine & increased traffic on the website
  • People found the site trustworthy and simple to use
  • Multiple broken links had been removed which were effecting the web crawlers and visitors
  • Products got good rankings on various search engines
  • As we had achieved the desired ranking milestone within the speculated time frame, the project was successfully delivered

PPC Outcome

Targeted Location: US

Below mentioned the Outcome for 2 months:

Conversions -- 26

Avg. CPA -- $28

Clicks -- 1000

Impressions -- 25000

Cost -- $710

CTR -- 4.00%

Avg. CPC -- $0.69

Avg. Position -- 1.3

Campaign Type: Google Search & Remarketing Campaign (Since, already the company had branding; we ran this kind of campaign).

For this client our main criteria was generating leads within 1 month. That's why we focused on Google search and remarketing campaign. We optimized the campaign based on keywords real-time bids, implementing different types of keyword variants, keyword types, device bids optimization & search query analysis.

Increased Website Traffic

From 2016 we raised their website sessions from about 741 per month to 1480 per month, website users 647 per month to almost 1511, website page views 1898 to over 4545 and we reduced the bounce rate from 48.99% to 46.32%.

On Demand Project

This was an on-demand project which started in the year 2016 and continued for 2 years.