• Introduction
  • Customer’s Problem
  • Customer Interaction
  • Solution Offered
  • Technology
  • Final Benefit


Wireless Management Inc.

The client is a large company that specializes in the management of wireless expense. It is also into the management of all data and data related transactions of customers using various carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Customer’s Problem

Customer’s Problem:

Initially, the customer came to us with the requirement for managing data for one of their clients. Data volume was enormous. Hence, data handling was extremely critical. The company mainly deals with large-scale corporate houses worldwide, rather than individual customers. So here our client was facing three main challenges:

  • Maintenance of enormous customer data and its effective management

  • A proper procedure to implement e-commerce processes on those data

  • Swift order processing and report generation

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction:

We were required to run several ETL (Extract, Transform and Load ) processes to extract necessary data for reporting. We then started interaction with the client over chat and call to develop a comprehensive understanding of their requirements related to the e-commerce scenario, there legacy system and order processing system. We then understood the following points that we should take care:

  • We have to provide a process to upload and update the huge number of customer records in a single database in a way that ensures updation of records on a weekly basis.

  • We need to interact with client’s different systems which are built using different technologies and packages (.NET and Wordpress).

  • We have to provide a robust and faster platform for order processing and report generation.

  • We have to provide proper inventory support for their products, which includes mainly mobile and related devices.

Solution Offered

Solution Offered to Client:

We offered a range of services as solutions to overcome all the challenges experienced by the client. These services are as follows:

  • Call data management & reporting

  • Procurement services

  • Call center services

  • Client integration


Technology We Used:

For Data Management & Reporting Application

  • Web server: IIS 8

  • Scripting language: ASP.NET MVC 4.5 and C#

  • Database: MS SQL Server 2012

For E-commerce Site

  • Web server: Apache 2.4

  • Scripting language: PHP 7.0, Magento 1.9 and 2.0 and SOAP

  • Database: MySQL 5

Application Deployment

Microsoft Azure.

Final Benefit

Final Benefit:

  • Encourages the client to develop more features and make everything automated.
  • Simultaneous run of multiple systems for product procurement, inventory update, customer data management and hassle free order processing and customized reporting.
  • Improved data security (both customer data and order data).
  • Easy storage of data, the creation of a seamless look and feel and fast processing of customer orders without any risk.

On-Demand Hiring

We have worked for them for the last seven years as their extended team in India. We also worked as a team of theirs for their clients while ensuring that they too experience a high level of satisfaction.