Globally, innumerable companies rely upon Microsoft’s robust, reliable and impressive .NET framework development for outstanding performance. Additionally, this platform also serves to cultivate the future growth of an organization. The custom .NET framework allows for innovative business applications for desktop environments and websites. The .NET application offers a platform for languages such as VB.NET and C#.

Karmick Solutions is a .NET software development company. Globally, it provides a large scale of high-end programming services to its clients. We cater state-of-the-art software solutions across various industrial domains and markets such as insurance, finance, tour and travel, health-care, IT etc.

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.NET Development Services We Provide

  • .NET Application Migration
  • .NET Mobile App Development
  • .NET Desktop Application Development
  • .NET Core Development
  • .NET Third-Party Tools Integration
  • .NET Web Development

Why Use .NET For Your Website?

  • Object-Oriented Architecture
  • Applications developed using .NET framework have great quality, are highly secure and very robust
  • Application development requires less coding
  • It allows the use of multiple languages
  • Includes an easy to use and very powerful caching system
  • Reduces development time
  • Early binding and just in time compilation are available readily
  • Has horizontal scalability
  • Can support over 200 different mobile devices from a single source base
  • A large library of built-in classes can be reused
  • Interfaces easily with Microsoft or Windows

Our Portfolio

Why Work With Karmick Solutions?

  • Almost two decades of experience working on related technologies
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification by SGS - one of the best certification companies in the world.
  • Till date, have successfully executed more than 4000 projects for over 2000 happy and satisfied clients
  • Clientele spanning more than 20 countries including US, UK, India, and parts of Europe
  • Hungry and aggressive young professionals eager to create a dent in the IT universe
  • Battle hardy, seasoned and veteran professionals who continue to provide critical leadership at all levels of the development process
  • Company is driven by the maxims of creativity, imagination, and innovation
  • No room for bureaucracy or complacency