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Businesses across the world experience problems in managing their inventory. While having insufficient stock means loss of sales due to customers turning away, overstock translates into more expenditure for its effective management. The latter also leads to the occupation of more floor space and reduced profit margins. In the worst case, if the stock contains perishable items, business owners have to throw it or sell the same at a discounted rate. However, many have now embraced technology. They are no longer managing their inventory on a spreadsheet.

Karmick Solutions, a reputed IT solution provider with a vast client base in Eastern India and abroad, acknowledges the need to go digital to stay competitive. Our software is made with the aim to help you overcome all the hassles in your inventory management.

Quick Inventory allows admin to

  • Manage company information by an easy view, edit, and search of members
  • Creation of new branch, modifying branch information, password reset, etc
  • Creation, editing, and deletion of information of multiple branch users
  • Searching as well as addition/deletion/modification/ of vendor information
  • Creation of detailed entries of each of the items brought from various vendors
  • Have a view of the processed sales and approve the requisitions
  • An authority to delete a wrong transaction and update inventory
  • Have a view of different MIS reports related to sales, stock, and purchase

Benefits for Super Admin

  • Enjoys an absolute control over the website

Benefits for Admin

  • Enjoys limited power for managing inventory items with access level decided by super admin

Benefits for Branch Users

  • Can sell items and send requests to admin once the stock has reached a re-order level

Choose our quick inventory software, your gateway to experience effortless ease in inventory management.