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Educational institutions, especially schools, colleges, and universities have to overcome several challenges on an everyday basis. In the 21st century, these challenges are profound. Most of the students are a new breed of learners with easy access to technology. More importantly, educational institutes have to work hard to meet the rising expectations of parents and guardians.Our comprehensive ERP software is a perfect solution to meet those expectations. Aptly named eGyan, it is a secure, robust, and user-friendly web-based software.

Benefits for Teachers/ Instructors/ Trainers

  • Fast entry of exam marks (subject wise) & evaluation of marks/ grades
  • Easy generation of progress cards/ performance reports
  • Identification of toppers/ weak students with remarks of teachers
  • Facilitating comprehensive reporting and printing of hall tickets
  • Effortless management of lesson plans on a daily/weekly/term/yearly basis

Benefits for Librarians

  • Aids in an unlimited categorization of study material
  • Accurate tracking of late/pending submissions
  • Automatic attachment of late or penalty fee to student fees
  • Support for international codification (ISBN/ISSN/ISSB) & budgeting

Benefits for School Administration

  • Keeping track of own/contracted transport vehicles for students/staff
  • Setting up automatic reminders for payments/renewals
  • Creation of high-resolution staff/student ID cards with all necessary details
  • Customizable fee categories, receipt tracking, payment history & more
  • Easy management of requisite information related to students/guardian/staff
  • Aids in the processing of payrolls, leaves, and financial accounting
  • Management of front office via registration of complaints, telephone calls, etc.
  • Facilitates financial accounting, inventory management, and gate security

Choose our eGyan solution that simplifies the process of school administration in every aspect. We firmly believe that our software solution will help school administrators and teachers to focus more on imparting quality learning to the students.