• Introduction
  • Customer’s Problem
  • Customer Interaction
  • Technology
  • Final Benefit



Our client envisioned to have an online auction system for Icelanders to promote his business. The system must have a provision to allow its users to join the bidding process by logging with their credentials. It must have different kinds of products that the application owner intends to put in the auction. As part and parcel of the bidding process, the system must let the users to get information in real time and to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Customer’s Problem

Customer’s Problem:

Our client visited us and informed us about the numerous challenges that he was facing in running an offline business that demands a great deal of investment in terms of time. Our team after multiple discussion sessions with the client identified the following problems:

  • An extremely time-consuming offline business model that limits the scope of client business.
  • Difficulty in proper maintenance of vast customer and product data
  • No way of real-time information sharing
  • Lack of mechanism for seamless communication between customers and product owners
  • Lack of use of web or mobile technology to extend business

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction:

To resolve the client problems, we proposed the development of a website and a mobile application that will have the following:

  • Provide a process to upload and update a huge number of customers, products and bidding records into a database. Those records will be updated on a regular basis based on the bidding process.
  • Provide a robust and faster platform for order processing and report generation
  • Provide proper inventory support for the products
  • Products can be added from both web and app
  • Proper time management, which is the backbone of this project in both Web and Mobile application
  • Smooth synchronization between the mobile application and web application


Technology We Used:

  • Web server: Apache server
  • Scripting language: PHP 7 (CodeIgniter MVC framework)
  • API: RESTful API in JSON Format
  • Database: MySQL 5.x
  • iOS: Objective C
  • App Database: SQLite

Final Benefit

Final Benefit:

With this new application, the client now could extend his business and at the same point, enjoys a robust backend whereby he gets all transactions and reporting which helped him to be on top of everything with less than 10% of the time he used to spend before. The website and the mobile app further leads to business expansion and customized reporting while assuring data security.

Fixed-fee project

This was a fixed fee project.