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If you are looking for a modern or powerful Integrated Development Environment, Xamarin is the best option for you. It comes equipped with Visual Studio. It has attractive features such as code auto-completion, project template library, and sophisticated projects. It generates real-native binary code output and high performance by providing .NET/C# framework. This results in true native applications.

If you are trying to develop complex applications that will run on multiple platforms in a cost-effective way, Xamarin is the way forward. As opposed to developing an application from scratch which is expensive and tedious, developers can syndicate a portion of the single code base using C#. Mobile apps that are developed using C# come with a host of familiar features that are used in Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

When it comes to device-specific experience with the help of native APIs that have high performance, Xamarin excels on all accounts. It can be used to create UX or UI that users of a specific application are familiar with. With the help of Xamarin, one can perform functionality testing for bugs or execute Quality Analysis across multiple devices. This, in turn, helps in ensuring smooth integration.

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Xamarin App Development Services We Provide

  • Xamarin Consulting - We will review your existent apps to provide smarter upgrades or solutions, make the development process much more efficient or fix bugs in your code.
  • Hire Xamarin Developers - Our veteran developers have extensive knowledge of Java, C#, and Objective-C. Consequently, they are adept at developing apps that can successfully run across multiple platforms or devices.
  • Xamarin App Development - Our core competency lies in developing cost-effective and fast Xamarin applications that can run on multiple mobile devices and platforms.
  • Cross-Platform Application - Our experts develop native Windows and Android apps using a significant portion of iOS code. This saves both time and money in releasing an app into the market.

Why Use Xamarin?

  • Fast Learning Curve - Any developer who is proficient with any of the platforms like C#, .NET etc. will be able to make the quick transition to working with Xamarin in a smooth and hassle-free fashion.
  • Community Support - There is a vast online community of Xamarin developers both veteran as well as amateur who are willing to help out each other with their queries. This makes it easier to resolve any issue that one might face.
  • Shared App Logic - The reason Xamarin is one of the most preferred cross-platform mobile development frameworks is because its app code can be shared across multiple platforms.
  • Fast Development Time - Unlike native environments, with Xamarin, we need to code the application logic only once. The same is then shared across both Android and iOS platforms. This reduces the development time and enables businesses to launch their products fast.
  • Full Native API Access - When developers use Xamarin, they have full access to the UI controls and APIs that are used by the 3 major platforms - iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Fewer Bugs - The reason why applications developed with Xamarin have fewer bugs is that the latter requires fewer lines of code. Since it need not be developed separately for different native environments, this results in fewer lines of code which in turn lead to fewer bugs.

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