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Cookies Policy

This website uses web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs), cookies, and other technologies (collectively, "cookies”). By visiting this website, you agree to our website's use of cookies as stated below. This policy provides detailed information regarding different kind of cookies that we use for different purposes.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small text files which get stored on your computer when you browse a website or perform other online activities to serve users with customized experience. Cookies can contain text and numbers too for example, dates. Cookies are not applications and also do not contain viruses or equally harmful codes. They serve the purpose of providing customized user experiences by storing specific information in your browser itself based on your preferences, choices and activities on a particular website. The information could be for e.g. history of your previous visits, login information, and areas of the website you have visited.

Some cookies (so-called persistent cookies) are stored for a set period of time, and are not deleted until the expiry of the period of time whereas other cookies (so-called session cookies) are only stored during one browser session and deleted when the browser is closed.

The Karmick Solutions website uses the following cookies:

Website Cookies

The cookie in connection with the date of your last visit is called a persistent cookie. It stores information about your last visit date to the website and is used with connection to statistics. This cookie is deleted as per browser settings.

Internet Advertising

On Google-owned, operated anf affiliated sites, we display interest-based advertising using information you make available to them when you interact with our/other websites, content or services.

Interest-based ads, popularly referred to as personalised or targeted ads, are displayed based on information relating to activities such as visiting a particular page on our site, etc.

However, we do not associate your interaction with unaffiliated sites with your identity in providing you with interest-based ads.

We do not provide any personal information to advertisers or to third party sites that display our interest-based ads. However, advertisers and other third-parties (including the ad networks, ad-serving companies, and other service providers they may use) may assume that users who interact with or click on a personalized ad or content are part of the group that the ad or content is directed towards.

Also, legitimate GDPR compliant third-parties may provide us information about you (such as demographic information or sites where you have been shown ads) from offline and online sources that we may use to provide you more relevant and useful advertising.

Third Party Cookies

Third party advertising companies or advertisers working on their behalf sometimes use technology to display the advertisements that appear on our sites directly to your browser. This helps them recieve your IP automatically. The cookies may be used to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to customize the advertising content. We do not control over or access to cookies or other features that advertisers and third-party sites may use, and the information practices of third-party websites and the advertisers are not covered by our Privacy Notice or this Cookies & Internet Advertising page. Please go through their privacy practices and cookie policy directly from their website as has been described below.

Google Analytics

Like most websites, this site too uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interactions. This data is used to determine the number of people who are using our site, how they find it and to see their journey through our website by their web page views.

Although GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies you to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address which could be used to personally identify you but Google do not grant us access to this.

How GA makes use of cookies, can be found on Google's developer guides.

Disabling cookies on your internet browser will stop GA from tracking any part of your visit to pages within this website.

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to constantly improve the customer experience on our website. It helps to provide visitors with more personalized and targeted offerings and campaigns.

GTM is a little snippet of code that helps us track user behaviour across our sites and then pushes the data to our Google Analytics account. Then, all the data is perfectly organized and ready for us to assess and review for potential site improvements and remarketing campaigns. Learn more about here Google Tag Manager.

Facebook Pixels Ads

To track user interaction, this website uses a very common third-party cookie , i.e.,Facebook Pixel (FP) . It helps to create Facebook Custom Audiences on Facebook based on mobile numbers and email addresses to deliver advertisements to website visitors. It also allows us to use this information to display advertisements from our customers to their target audience of users.

We use this data to determine the number of people using this website, to better understand how they find and use our web pages and to see their journey through the website.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on the Website?

Irrespective of the browser you are using, you can change the browser settings to disable the storage of cookies. However, some browsers will allow you to do this change in the setting only for certain websites. Know how you can disable it here.

How can I delete cookies?

Cookies can be deleted from your browser settings. You can find help either within the browser settings or on the browsers' WebPages.

Further information and right to complain

If you have any queries concerning this website's use of cookies, or if you require any further information, or have any complaints about the website's use of cookies, you may contact: [email protected].