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Every big institute has many franchises as well as an ever-increasing work load like keeping track of student records, admissions, exams, business development activities, requisition management and endless others.

Karmick Solutions developed ERP4Institute software to give institutes and their franchises a centralized resource planning to manage their entire volume of information and operations. ERP4Institute helps them enjoy a seamless data management, data accessibility and operation experience.

Common Benefits

  • Streamlines different branches of work and makes it easy to maintain
  • Avoids the huge pressure of paperwork
  • Eliminates manual errors & its tedious process
  • Cost effective
  • Centralizes institute's data
  • Easy access & maintenance of daily back-end operations

Functions controlled by the admin

  • The admin can control all the functions and access or edit all information from the admin panel
  • Add or edit franchise details
  • Add the courses taught in the institute
  • PDF format of books related to the courses can be added
  • Payment collection from the franchise can be added
  • View the enquires posted
  • View the history of the enquiry follow-ups
  • Admin can view the books, study materials & certificate requisitions from the franchise. The franchise gets alerts for his requisition approval or rejection.
  • Content pages of the system can be easily managed using content management system
  • Students' details, their fees payment, results and certificate status can be viewed
  • Can view all the franchise related details
  • Alerts for low stocks of materials and expiry of the franchise agreement
  • Helps in the various MIS report generation

Functions controlled by the franchise

  • Can view the courses assigned to them
  • Can view the list of software being used
  • Can manage their profile
  • Viewing of enquiries & facilitates their follow-up
  • Can send requisition requests to the institute and check their status
  • Easy management of student batches
  • Can view the number of enquiry conversion into admission

Choose ERP4Institute, an enterprise resource planning software built around usability, functionality and best design layout for you and your franchise.