• Introduction
  • Customer’s Problem
  • Customer Interaction
  • Solution Offered
  • Technology
  • Final Benefit


Strive4growth LLC

Our client is a privately held company in Bloomington, Indiana (U.S).Founded by two senior professors of the Indiana University, the company’s mission is to help people to understand human nature and personal growth in a better way so that they can strive for a better life.

Customer’s Problem

Customer’s Problem:

Our client visited us with the sole objective of getting a survey based system through which they can help people to strive for a better life. Previously they have a Wordpress website with a couple of static pages.

Our client was facing the following challenges:

  • Developing a new custom survey, analysis and feedback tool

  • Ensuring each part of the new survey based system remains manageable from an admin panel

  • There should be a provision of selling course materials that survey participants can purchase, study and thereafter can give exams for certification

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction:

After a thorough discussion with the client, we develop a comprehensive understanding of their problem and understood that followings are the points that we should take care of:

  • Each survey must have some predefined sections and each section must have a few survey questions that they can manage from the admin panel

  • There should be a variety in terms of question types such as

    • Multiple choices

    • Single choice

    • Rating scale (Likert scale)

    • Free text (Single line and Multi-line)

    • Value scale

  • The survey can have a parent-child relationship with other surveys

  • To facilitate the admin in the creation of dynamic mathematical formulas for score generation. Suppose a survey has 5 sections and each section consists of 10 to 15 questions of different types ( multipurpose, single choice, likert, slider etc ).

Suppose we denote the questions like Q1_1 -Q1_10 for SEC1, Q2_1 to Q2_10 for SEC2 …... etc. Now admin want to generate a score using a formula which will be like ((Q2_2 * ((Q1_4 + Q6_10)/ (100 - Q1_1))) + (Q5_2 - Q2_6))/4.7

Here Q2_2, Q1_4... are the answers given by the users for the questions Q2_2, Q1_4 ... etc. Admin can generate multiple formulas for a single survey. Also, a formula can be consist of question from different surveys.

  • Facilitating the survey user to get the survey result in 3 distinctive parts-

    • Feedback

    • Analysis

    • Recommendations

  • There should be a combined product named experiments or courses which they need to purchase using Paypal payment gateway and then, can study them to appear in an exam after some pre-defined days.

  • There should be a provision to achieve a certificate after successfully passing the examination and all this should be manageable from the admin panel.

  • In the admin panel, there should be an option to download all survey answers on the basis of answers of the survey participants.

Solution Offered

Solution Offered to Client:

We developed a survey based system as per the exact requirement of the client by overcoming all the challenges that we faced during project execution. We ensure that the site speed is not compromised because of insertion and fetching of data from a huge database having answers for each user or survey participant. In fact, we also offer valuable suggestions so that the client’s survey based system can be made more user-friendly. We also offer an option in the admin panel to check user activities like whether he or she has submitted the survey answers casually or with complete attention, the time spent on watching the descriptive video before the survey starts, and so on.


Technology We Used:

  • Web server: Apache 2.4.34
  • Programming language: PHP 7.0.31
  • CMS: WordPress 4.9.8
  • Database: MS SQL 5.5.60
  • UI/UX: JQuery 1.12.4
  • Video Hosting: Wistia
  • Payment Gateway: Paypal

Final Benefit

Final Benefit:

The client has now a survey based system that they can manage from an admin panel without any need of technical expertise. They can create dynamic formulas to test the user score in different topics. Many professors from other universities have liked this concept and have expressed their interest to add this survey system within their university course. At present, two universities have already added this survey system in their courses as an assignment which students have to submit.

On-Demand Hiring

Initially, when the client contacted us for the first time, the project was a fixed fee project for a couple of months, but later on, they opt for on-demand hiring.