• Introduction
  • Customer’s Problem
  • Customer Interaction
  • Solution Offered
  • Technology
  • Final Benefit


Pamusika Online

Based in Zimbabwe, our client envisioned to have an end-to-end e-commerce marketplace system combined with an advantage of doorstep delivery system. The desire was for a system that enables users (buyers) to easily search and purchase products. They want to offer them two choices while checking out. They can either opt to go to store themselves for collecting their order or hire a truck of their choice to get their order delivered at their doorstep. Addition to this, they can schedule the delivery of their order on their preferable date or can avail the service instantly. Our client also want to let the users of their marketplace system to enjoy the privilege of hiring a truck for their own requirement even if they have not purchased anything from the marketplace system.

Customer’s Problem

Customer’s Problem:

Our client visited us to get a hybrid app. The client tells us in detail about their business processes and objectives. He request us to give me the best suggestions. Upon developing a thorough understanding of their objectives and needs, we came to this conculsion that the problems experienced by the client were:

  • Having a system that was completely manual, time-consuming, hectic and lacked proper arrangement or service leading to a messy process
  • The system was not planned to take into consideration the ever-changing lifestyle of their target customers and their evolving requirements
  • The old way of system maintenance was not giving a much profitable output

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction:

After a thorough brainstorming, we understand that we have to eradicate the following drawbacks of the existing system.

  • Manual mechanism of the entire process
  • Lack of an optimum user activity
  • Time-consuming process
  • Low benefit rate for both sellers and buyers
  • Difficulty in keeping track of every activity
  • Lack of options to choose from

Solution Offered

Solution Offered to Client:

We offer the following solutions to create an application with two major target areas – E-Commerce marketplace and Delivery support

E-Commerce Marketplace:

  • Enabling a user to have dual identity – buyer and seller
  • Provision for sellers to put their products on sale while the provision of product search as per the need and purchase of the same for buyers
  • Integration of payment gateway to the app to make the order process seamless
  • Incorporating standard features in the marketplace section with dashboard, transactions, etc.


Delivery Options:

  • Ensuring that while checking out a user will be able to hire a truck to get his order delivered to his doorsteps. This will help him or her save considerable time by not going to take the delivery physically


Hire Truck:

  • Not restricting the app to only buying and selling of goods
  • Enabling users to hire a truck for their own purpose via an app to help those who don’t have their own vehicle but need a solution to transport their items


Driver section:

  • The inclusion of a driver section to take care of the delivery aspect
  • Making a provision of notification to the drivers about the user and their location, and ensure a seamless communication between the two until all the needed are done


Technology We Used:

  • Framework: Ionic 1.x, AngularJS 1.x
  • Scripting language: PHP 5.x using CodeIgniter MVC Framework, Javascript
  • Database: MySQL 5.x

Final Benefit

Final Benefit:

Our client reaps several benefits with the help of the solutions that we provided to him.

  • System becomes smooth and tracking of activities becomes easier
  • Facilitation of an open dialogue environment between the users rules out any possibility of misconduct or quality issue
  • More choices and options provided to users compared to any marketplace or delivery app
  • Increase in the number of its app users and thus increase in its overall user base

On-Demand Hiring

The project was a fixed-fee project.