Our Social Media Marketing Services

Expertise across multiple social platforms – at Karmick Solutions, our veteran team of experts excel at social media marketing across the leading platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube. We cover `em all!

Page creation and maintenance – We create social media pages across platforms of your choice and maintain them through regular updates of fresh content designed to attract your key demography.

Drive website traffic – We regularly refresh your social media interfaces with new content such as blogs, posts, offers, and schemes. By constantly engaging your target customers, we maximize the chances of them visiting your mother portal and converting into paying consumers.

Page promotion – By regularly engaging your key demography through fresh content, we increase your following and number of likes, comments, and shares. Through paid advertising, we actively reach out to those people who may not have heard about us yet but may be interested in the product or service that we offer.

Customer-speak – At the end of the day, the success of your venture depends upon how well you can satisfy the needs of your end consumer. By providing you with a platform where you can directly interact with the people who are buying your products or services, you can address their pain points first hand. Your customers are also your most important critics and their feedback will prove invaluable in improving your business processes.

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Reputation management – In an age when any news, especially bad news, can go viral and spread like wildfire online, it is important to have a platform from where you can effectively refute any rumors, bad press or gross exaggerations about your offering promptly. Without damage control, even false allegations can prove fatal for your brand.

Reports and analysis – We regularly furnish you with reports to accurately gauge the success of your social media investment. We also assist you in deciphering the trends and observations from said reports in order to best optimize our social media presence.

Business strategy formulation – To us, you will never be just a client. With us, you get ownership. You are our business partner and we are the custodians of your product or service. Together, we will build a strategy for your brand that will translate into consistent incremental revenue traction.

Our Customized Solutions

In a world where even identical twins differ greatly, it would be naïve of us to assume that the same social media marketing strategy would work for more than one company.

If you are a restaurant or a fashion company, your social media posts need to have jaw-dropping visual appeal. Instagram would be the ideal platform for you.

If you are a B2C company that wants to reach out to the end consumer, Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms for you.

If you are a B2B organization that wants to network with other businesses, no other platform would be more pertinent than LinkedIn.

Different domains demand different solutions. At Karmick, we have the expertise to accurately assess these differences and offer solutions tailor-made to your unique business needs.

Account creation and profile optimization

Based on your business needs, we create your company pages on relevant social media platforms. We keep the pages regularly updated with fresh content such as blogs, posts, offers, and schemes. This consistently increases your following, likes, comments, and shares.

A well maintained social media marketing strategy can do wonders for the SEO of your website. By bringing our considerable expertise to bear, we effectively optimize your social media presence which in turn translates into higher ranking for your mother portal during organic search queries.

Design and content creation

A team of highly specialized graphic designers and content writers ideate, execute and deliver content that is both strong on aesthetic appeal as well as provide utility to your target customer. Our UX and UI teams comprise of seasoned professionals with decades of experience under their belt coupled with young and hungry social media marketers eager to prove themselves and make their mark.


  • Creation and maintenance of Social Media Pages
  • Regular content refresh in the form of Blogs, Posts, Offers, Schemes etc.
  • Increase Following, Likes, Comments and Shares
  • Paid advertising to actively reach out to target demography and draw them in
  • Implement effective SEO strategies to increase the overall organic ranking of mother portal through SMM

Benefits of SMM

  • Presence across multiple social media platforms
  • Driving relevant traffic to your website
  • Promoting your Products and Services
  • Engaging directly with your end consumer
  • Reputation Management
  • SEO boost

Social Media Platforms we work with

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • YouTube

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